Mixtape Yoga: The Rolling Stones

Often times we have these Mixtape Yoga's when a great artist has recently passed, but let's be honest, The Rolling Stones will never die, so let's celebrate this great band now.

"Music creates a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." -- Confucius

This is how it works:

I am teaching a 75-minute yoga class at the beautiful A-Mill Lofts. ALL the music played will be music from The Rolling Stones. And, all the songs will be picked by you. When you reserve your spot, I need you to include up to 3 of your favorite Rolling Stones's songs. Three, because if somebody else has your #1 song, I'll take your #2... Then one of those 3 songs, quite possibly more, will be added to our yoga mixtape to be played during class. YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE A SONG REQUEST TO ATTEND THE CLASS.

A-Mill Artist Lofts
315 Southeast Main Street, Minneapolis, MN